Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A word to the Pollinators and Germinators of the world...


I am in a perfectly fine, perfectly content mood!
     (Hey there, you handsome readers, you! I've missed you! Have you missed me?)

What a way to jump back into the wonderful world of my blog!
     (What do you MEAN it's been over a year? Surely that can't be right...)

I was just sitting here thinking about all the idiots out there who've donated their seed to humanity.
     (Why yes, I DO happen to be the recipient of such a humanitarian gift. Twice, even!)

And as I sat and pondered, the thought occurred to me (as it often does) to rant about my ponderance in poem form.

Because that's just what I do.

So here it is! An ode to the ogres and ogrettes of the world who've aided in the population expansion of our good species without taking on any of the responsibility that traditionally accompanies such an endeavor.


p.s. I really have missed you!

Ahem, without further ado...

To the Pollinators, To the Germinators

To the pollinators of the world I'd like to say to thee
It's sure the biggest shame of all you thoughtless spilled your seed
I pray that one day when your seed has lost its strength and power
You'll think of what you've done and missed; may those thoughts make you cower
To germinators like the pollinators do I say
I hope the fruit of misspent youth does haunt your soul someday
I hope that you, with womb grown cold, will one sad day recall
That what you, in your youth, brought forth was more precious than all

It might be harsh but I don't care that comfort I do find
In thinking that the price you've paid will grow steeper with time
That one day, when such time has passed, when your bright dreams grow dim
You'll sigh and wonder why on earth you passed on her or him
You'll think you've made the worst mistake, and you'll be right, my friend
But Time's a bitter mistress and you can't begin again
So there you'll sit steeped deep in misery and sore regret
Wishing you'd never missed out on the life you helped beget

And there I'll be, and others, too, with memories forever
Of precious lives and love well-spent and bonds that can't be severed
First words and steps and heartbreaks, first kisses and I love you's
Milestones you can't quite fathom through second and third hand news
Oh sure, maybe some day you'll get a photograph or two
And you'll lay claim since in that face you'll see that there's some you
But all you'll have are someone else's mem'ry that they've shared
With you, the Pollinator, Germinator, who was spared
The messy, unintended, inconvenience of the wild
And bless'd unique experience of helping to raise a child