Taco Time - the infamous lyrics

Here they are! Oh, and I had a little fun posting some hyperlinks. Check them out!

UPDATE!!!  Hey guess what??? I just got a video posted! Be warned, I just recorded it, on my broke ass laptop at 0245 in the am on 12/12/12. But hey... here it is! Better recording of it to come sometime soon, I promise.

*the gentle twang of a ukulele welcomes you in

There's a guy at the end of the bar, I can't see details this far, but he smiles my way.
So with a wink and a coy little glance I ask if he wants to dance and we start to sway.
But then he opens his mouth up to speak and his gingivitis causes me to flee.
It's got me thinking... is it Taco Time for me?

There's a dude driving by down the street. He's the Ice Cream man, see? And I think we should meet.
Turns out he's nice, and he's sweet, kinda cute - a good kisser to boot - and he brings me free treats.
But without all his bipolar meds, too much weed, and that pesky former felony,
I'm still thinking... is it Taco Time for me?

There was a fat, mouthbreathing Brooklyn dick
And a Larping Lutheran Priest.*
A lisping, basement-dwelling, booger man.
A sexual pyromaniac beast.

There's a clown, the fire-breathing** kind, and he juggles sometimes, and he likes to roleplay.
In a kilt, with a sweet ponytail, and a shirt of chain maille, and he asks me to stay.
So I reply in my best elf impression that our two races could never love in peace.
Are you starting to see why it's Taco Time for me?

. . . . .

. . . . .

. . . . .

But there's more...

A cross dresser from Chicago. Bobblehead officionado. Chunky photographer.
Meathead powerlifting ginger. Guy with half a missing finger. And a middle aged punk rocker.
Former Aryan Brotherhood biker who's done time. Astral-projecting witch who's really into ghost huntery.
After all of these dorks... and two storks... It's probably Taco Time for me.

*I know that they are not called "priests" in the Lutheran faith, but for the sake of the song and the rhyme, they are priests.
**Don't try this at home, people. You're smart kids.


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