Sunday, November 25, 2012

Somerhalder Sunday - The reality of fangirl crushes

So as my regular, average, everyday Jane love life (or whatever the kids are calling them these days) comes crashing down around me once again, swooning and fawning over a super hot famous guy who JUST so happens to be an amazing human and philanthropist/environmentalist doesn't seem like such a silly idea after all. I mean let's think about this. If I'm gonna keep swooning and fawning all over real life everyday Joe's that I never get, why not just set my sights on the truly unrealistic? I'm used to not seeing any positive results, so this could actually be fun!

(Seriously, this is a good thing! Trying to put a positive spin on the sad state of affairs that are my romantic aspirations.)

And since I am a gal with an extensively large imagination and not shortage of cockamamie schemes up my sleeves (even when I'm wearing tank tops!) I've decided that narrowing my chances of once-in-a-lifetime hookups down to a mere one beau is just plain silly. Especially when there are at least five that I would readily, happily and stealthily stalk (say that five times fast) for a chance to win them over.

Today's blog is a short one, but with the promise of more to come as I reveal my top 10  (and quite possibly my only) celebrity stalkees. In no particular order:

(Sooo, yeah. A couple of these fellas may or may not be married. But it's only because they never thought they had the chance to meet the REAL woman of their dreams. That's where I come in, swooping in on the wings of love(infatuation) to save the romantic day.)

Each week...ish... I will take one of my dream men and talk about why I chose him, what makes him special to me, what would make me a great match for him, and why he's insane for not spending his life waiting for me - his clearest and, really his only, best choice for true love.

Don't worry, as self-serving as this seems I assure at least SOME level of amusement. If not, I will be providing information at the end of this series for where you can submit donations toward the improvement of my clearly demented mental state.

Love you all, and my God have mercy on your souls for reading this far.


NEXT SUNDAY!!! Which of the 10 dapper dandies will I dish on first? And what could I possibly think they would see in me??? Tune back in to find out!

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