Monday, September 24, 2012

Countdown to Taco Time - Taco Time Revealed!

I've finally decided that it is time. For really real.

It's time to unveil all the gory and hilarious details surrounding the mystery men featured in Taco Time, my very first stand-up comedy song. (I'll post a video to this site soon for those of you who haven't heard the song.)

That's right, I said it. Stand-up comedy. I do it. And dare I get all LL Cool J on you and say that I'm on my way to doin' it well. But I digress...

This blog will document the inevitably rocky road to writing, editing and publishing my self-help book. "A Foot in My Mouth: How I Deep-Throated My Way to the Man of My Dreams" is the humorous, autobiographical tale of my unbelievable dating life, and it MUST be written. So say we all.

A true procrastinator, free spirit and impulsive person I have yet to set a deadline for completion, BUT... I will.

What can you expect to find in this blog, you ask? Tons. Plus, a lil' suh-en extra.

At the end of each of my posts I will open up the floor for YOU to share your own dating horror stories. Each week, as things progress, I will pick my favorite dating story - as shared by YOU, my lovely readers - and place your story in my Hall of Shame, which will be a special extra chapter in the finished book.

Wow, the more I ramble the more excited I get! How 'bout you?

Stay tuned, folks. There will be all sorts of fun things to come. Contests, videos, interviews and YOU!

love always, (cuz I do, I love ya!)

~ heather

*(Fat Girl Running, what I sometimes am and always try to get back to being)

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