Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's That time again... That Girl strikes again.

Hey there! I... wait, what do you mean it's Thursday? Of course it is!

I... yeah, I know Tuesday was a couple days ago. Duh!

I... um, yes, I know I usually have a Taco Tuesday blog. Ahem... something... came up. Yeah, that's what happened. I had a... thing. Yep, a thing. Totally. Anywhooo...

I promise, friends, next week I will be back up to all my old tricks, as much as I can muster anyway. Taco Tuesdays, That Girl Thursdays, Funny Fridays (which reminds me... don't remind me! I'll get it done, I swear!)... all that jazz. But for now, let's talk about That Girl.

So my friend Amy and I used to play a magic 8 ball game with my iPod. I have over 5000 songs on there, and one day, whilst doing the laundry, we decided to seek dating advice from my obviously sage portable music device. This is what we would do. I'd set the iPod on shuffle. We would each take turns holding the iPod in our hands and, very sincerely, ask it a random question about our love life. Then we would hit play. The song that the iPod randomly chose would hold the answer to our question.

Now, of course, we didn't really believe it. But it just so happened that sometimes my iPod would come up with some eerily appropriate responses as we listened to the words in the song. Other times it just plain ole had a sense of humor as it busted out with some random spanish ditty or Italian opera. Other times I swear it just dug the most random piece of musical insanity out if the deepest nooks in between circuit boards to drive us nuts.

All this story to tell you that I am That Girl who finds the hidden meaning in life, love and relationships - and the correlations between all those things - and song lyrics.

I am the worlds most ridiculous sap. Ssh... don't tell anyone.

For example, I am currently in a state of non-relationship having (NRH) where I am in... something... with an amazing person who - if my history is any indicator of my future luck with relationships - I'll likely never get the pleasure of knowing as my own. Now, does that stop me or my heart from going there, with those hopelessly romantic yet unrequited thoughts of a happily ever after? Of course not. As a good friend (or two) has told me recently, the heart wants what it wants.

I'm here to say that my heart is a damn idiot.

But I digress... so being in this current state of NRH, I picked a song to listen to on the way home today. "OMG!" (said my heart in my head just as chipper as you would imagine) "This song is like, totally how I feel!"

Let me introduce you to Jack Wagner's "All I Need". Why yes, yes it is a huge throwback to the late 80's/early 90's.

Kissing you is not what I had planned
And now
I'm not so sure just where I stand
I wasn't looking for true love
But now you're looking at me
You're the only one I can think of
You're the only one I see

All I need
Is just a little more time
To be sure what I feel
Is it all in my mind
Cause it seems so hard to believe
That you're all I need

Yes it's true we've all been hurt before
But it doesn't seem to matter anymore
It may be a chance we're taking
But it always comes to this
If this isn't love we're making
Then I don't know what it is

All I need
Is just a little more time

To be sure what I feel
Is it all in my mind
Cause it seems so hard to believe

No stars are out tonight
But we're shining our own light
And it's never felt so bright
Cause *girl
 the way I'm feeling
(*Boy, in my case. I've not resorted to swinging that way. Yet.)
It's easy to believe
That you're all I need

You're all I need
So there you have it, friends. THAT Girl who used to write out feeling-appropriate song lyrics, in her very best penmanship, to give to her man-of-the-hour in high school. I am, in fact - as recently as a few hours ago - THAT Girl who finds parallels to her love life in all the sappy songs she knows and loves. And who sometimes wishes her iPod was as clairvoyant as it seems to be.
Until next time, friends, this is That Girl, signing off.

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