Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday... what's special about a Thursday?



Hey, don't I know you?


Sure I do! I've seen you around here before. It's been awhile though.

It's true, it's been a grip (ha! love this ridiculous phrase that I don't even know what it really means accept that years and years ago people used it in place of 'a long time'). I've thought about this blog a lot, though. I love this blog. It's mine, all mine! MY precious! But I've been admittedly lazy, disenchanted, and frustrated with life and things in general. I know, all reasons that I most definitely SHOULD be blogging!

Since I have declared ("Why, I declay-yuh!") that this is the year I will get famous (infamous is included as a strong possible other option) and I want to get a novel or two sent out to publishers I suppose I better get the lead out. Plus, I only have about 60 other comics and funny men and women that I want to interview for your viewing pleasure - not the least of which is coming up tomorrow, one Bobby Ray Bunch!

Let's start real quick by listing my New Year's Resolutions. They are fairly simple, but will require some serious scheduling on my part, WHICH, if you know me at all, will be a Heraclean challenge.

1. Write more. Easy, right?
2. Read more. SO easy!
3. Draw more. Ok, now that's a little time consuming.
4. Submit one novel to publishers. I have one completed and "A Foot in My Mouth" underway, so 
    there are two possible candidates here.
5. GMFUC. I love you all, and stuff, but that one is for me. For now. Until I decide to turn it into a
    self-help "what not to do" book.
6. Get back into working out. 2011 was an awesome year for me fitness-wise. Ran my ass off -
    literally! - did my first half marathon, worked out at an amazing gym, got strong and fit (even
    though the scale didn't show it - boo!) and felt great. Moving to first shift made that all almost
    impossible, but I think if I shuffle things around I can make it happen. And I want to... I miss
    running. Plus it's a public service - I look freakin' hilarious when I run, and laughter is the best
7. ???  I'm reserving this spot for a future resolution. Ha!

Alrightee, friends, Romans and countrymen. There you have it. The promise of greatness - and dare I say, fame - for 2013. And a great interview tomorrow! And this coming Tuesday, back to Taco Time!

Love you all, I really do. Hope your Christmas was merry and your New Year very... well, at least a little bit of what you hoped it would be with the promise of SO much more to come.


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