Monday, October 8, 2012

Somerhalder Sunday

Ian Somerhalder
Actor ~ Environmentalist ~ Man of My Dreams
Anyone ever have an obsession? Pshh... silly question. Of course you have. I wouldn't call Ian Somerhalder an obsession of mine, per se, but I'll start at the beginning and you can be the judge.

Let me begin by saying (something that would get me scorned right out of a certain person's operating room)...


It's true. I hate it for a great many reasons, not the least of which is because I think the character of Bella Swan AND the acting of Kristen Stewart it laughable, abhorrent, unrealistic and an embarrassment to teenage girls everywhere. Bella? No lovestruck teen is running the streets as ridiculously overdramatic and bipolar as you without meds. Get help. Kristen? Get a facial expression - ANY facial expression - where your mouth is closed. Please? And for the love of all things holy on this earth EMOTE. Feel something other than the obvious gas building in your intestines that seems to be causing you visible distress.

Whew! Wow, that felt nice. Now, where was I? Oh yes, hating Twilight... obsessions... Ian... That's it. I hate Twilight, and for most of the same reasons I made a vow to hate The Vampire Diaries. Impossibly gorgeous young teen with a sorrowful past becomes the love object of a centuries old vampire who longs for romantic happiness? Gag me.

I, friends, am no spring chicken. I'm tired of watching show after show about hot young chicks getting all the hot dudes. Where are all the shows where middle aged single moms stumble upon the dating pot o' gold? Nowhere. (What do you mean no one wants to watch that?) And for that I brood. And boycott. Until...

I don't know what happened, or from what deep recesses the desire sprung forth to 'just watch one episode' of The Vampire Diaries, but one night I succumbed.

Netflix, it's all your fault, you see. If you didn't have The Vampire Diaires in your lovely little library of video delicacies I would have been outta luck. But no, there they were, seasons 1 & 2, all sparkly and inviting. Not sparkly in the Twilight way. And seriously? SPARKLY? Vampires DO not, NOR SHOULD THEY EVER sparkle.

(Thanks, Kiefer)
Come on Soccer Mom Meyer. Grow some grown up brains and quit trying to frak up a centuries old monster by giving him the attributes of a kindergarten art project. Agh! I digress...

So Netflix, my cat and I snuggled in for the series premiere. Okay, that wasn't completely unwatchable. Stupid somewhat adorable Stefan. Sad, sad, Elena. Stupid cute high school kids with stupid cute high school kid problems. Stupid dresses.
Episode 2 will lock it in my brain as a series unworthy of my precious time.


And then came Damon.

Swoon! Oh, Damon, you try to be bad, but I can see you're really just a doll who wants to be loved and accepted. Silly, handsome, dark, cynical, sarcastic man. *coughiloveyoucough. Let me accept you! I'll love you! *waving hand at t.v. screen

Ahem... anywhoo... Here I am, still watching The Vampire Diaries. Frantically, at this point, because the season 4 premiere is happening soon - next week, is it? Gotta catch up, quick-like.

So about obsessions. I'm not obessed with Damon Salvatore/Ian Somerhalder. I certainly don't post about him on Facebook or anything. Wouldn't bother with liking his Facebook fan page or following him on Twitter. Nah... I've got better things to do. Like try to get to work on time, play with my improv group The Blacklist, work on my stand-up comedy, practice my instruments and be a mom. I'm so not going to google him to find out if he & Nina are still dating and/or engaged (Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev - Elena - are a couple but, I'm giddy to report, NOT engaged yet) (I mean... what? Who said that? I don't care.)

Totally not doing any of that. What I AM doing is sharing with all of you the delightful tidbits I'm learning about the ever-amazing Ian and working (slowly) on my Six degrees to Somerhalder - the stepping stones to Ian's doorstep. Next stop? His heart. Sigh!

So friends, now that I've come clean and you're all ready to embark on this ridiculous quest with me (or at least watch me drool and grovel) it's your turn. Sharing time!

Who are - or were - your famous crushes? What would you do to get yourself in their presence?

Can't wait to hear! Maybe I'll be able to make a new song out of these...


NEXT TIME: It's Taco Tuesday! Time for the next behind-the-scenes look at Taco Time, "Why Dental Hygiene is Important OR Gingivitis = empty bar stool


  1. Heather, I'm with you. Ian is a babe. My celebrity teenage crushes were very random and all over the spectrum. They included Matt Lawrence (which drove me to watch Might Morphing Power Rangers), Brad Pitt (who drove me to memorize every line of Interview and watch every film he was in including Johnny Suede! I also investigated his past...his parents names, imagining they were my in-laws, blah, blah, blah). Finally, I crushed on Jeremy Sisto pretty hard. Now that I'm a grown ass woman, I don't get celebrity crushes (yeah right!) Haha! I would not turn down a quirky proposal from Jeff Goldblum, a glass of wine and nake time with Paul Rudd, or a nice long eyelock with THE Johnny Depp.

  2. Hmmm...who is/are my celeb crushes?? Well Charlie Yunnan from SOA is certainly at the top he is Yummy! Chris Hemsworth is hot and I'd climb him like a tree. I'd tell him that too. The reall question is what wouldn't I do to meet them :)